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Free Standard Shipping on all orders

Free Standard Shipping on all orders

Free Standard Shipping on all orders



Cimkiz was founded by Shenzhen Cimkiz Technology Co., Ltd in the summer of 2016. It serves for weight-loss, fitness and outdoor sports-loving groups, focusing on product availability and affordable prices. Cimkiz has 6 years of experience in the field of weight loss and outdoor sports, designing, sourcing and producing for international retail brands.


Business philosophy

"Create an unique user experience for our consumers" is Cimkiz's vision. We specialize in sports medicine braces and supports, weight loss clothing, shapewear and crampons. We make reliable quality products for men and women. By optimizing our entire value chain, establishing long-term relationships with our suppliers, and investing in highly automated and mass production methods. We strive to provide our customers with quality products at competitive prices. Our vision is not limited to sporting products. Customer service and satisfaction are our ultimate goals. 


Sustainable development

Cimkiz has an uncompromising ethical manufacturing method. We are driven by strong values and make decisions based on deep knowledge and experience. All our products are produced under controlled, safe and fair conditions, and are produced by skilled suppliers who will not compromise on employment or the environment. Our products use the best materials, which have passed strict requirements and quality control-we personally track each collection from start to finish.


In order to be recognized by the public, our products must be of high quality and low price. When designing products, we always keep in mind the needs of our customers. As we continue to grow and develop, we are committed to bringing a comprehensive and positive impact for the public with our products.